Panda/Penguin Checklist (Fix Your Google Rankings)

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If you have gotten slapped by Panda or Penguin, this video is going to be HUGE for you.
Trust me I know what its like to get hit hard, and spend a TON of time researching and finding out what you need to do to recover. Only for it not to work!
In this short video I want to talk to you about a few things that you can do to recover from Panda or Penguin.

1. Add a site map if you don’t have one – if you use WordPress I recommend YOAST
2. Fix Any Broken Links That Are Reported In Google Webmaster Tools
3. Get rid of all Duplicate Content ON Your Site
4. Get rid of any duplicate page titles and meta descriptions
5. Improve Your Load Time – use the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google
6. Create Google Plus profile & authorship
7. Check your linking structure, and make sure you don’t have any abandoned pages. (pages that don’t have links to them)

The New Google Planner – What You Need To Know

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If you’ve tried to use the google keyword tool lately, or today you will be redirected and google will tell you that they replaced the Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner.

In this video I want to share with you what you need to know about the keyword planner.

1. You have to login to a google account to access the Keyword Planner. So its no longer a public tool.
2. You can no longer segment traffic by device… desktop, tablet and mobile. All the data is accumulative. Because of this you will often find that the results are higher than the old keyword tool
3. There is no longer search volume estimates by match type. All there is is exact match… So no more broad and phrase match.
4. Google added a features to see seasonal trends, just by clicking on the graph icon to the right of the keyword.
5. One of my favorite additions is the ability to filter to the city level for the keywords your targeting… this is a BIG deal for Local Search.

Overall theres really no BIG plusses for this change… Google made doing keyword research easier for adwords, and harder for search engine optimization once again.

6 Ways To Improve Your SEO Today!

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In this video I want to share with you 6 easy ways to improve your SEO today.

1. Optimize On Site
Doing these little things on site make A BIG difference to your SERPS.
Make Sure Each Page Is Optimized For 1-3 Keywords, and has a proper keyword density.
Make sure you have a title tag & meta description… And that you don’t have duplicate page titles, and descriptions.

2. Content Is King
Produce Content thats it… Seriously. Just write lots of content related to your marketing.
The website with the best content will win.

3. Be Creative With Your Title Tags & Meta Tags

Understand google lets you put whatever you want there basically. We’ve done test that have resulted in 25% increase in clicks to a page from google, just by having a good title tag and meta description.
Yes seriously. Don’t be lazy.

4. Authorship
Authorship allows for your picture or image to show up next to your search results. This is SUPEr powerful. Catalyst did a case study That amounted to a 150% increase in visits and page views! Just by using Authorship!

5. Social Media Footprint
Do you own a Facebook page, twitter, google+, youtube channel?… Do they link back to your site? Make it easy for google to find you.

6. Make sure you have submitted to all the major local directories and that your citations are accurate and up to date.
You want to ensure your NAP is up to date, and the same across all the directories at all times.
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Why You Have to Be #1 In Google


In August 2006 AOL leaked some data to the public, and within this data contains the click through rates from the search engine listings. As you can see below the #1 result for any given query gets approximately 47% of the click throughs, where as #2 gets 34% less traffic.

#1 – 47% click-through
#2 – 13% click-through
#3 – 9%click-through
#4 – 7% click-through

Being number 1 for all your keywords that bring your revenue is very important, make sure your on top of your SEO!

The Difference Between Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization


The internet has undoubtably become a gigantic marketplace that you can’t ignore.

Just having a website isnt enough to get your bysiness running and ready to compete, you need a way for people to find your website. Often business owners, think that if they build their website that traffic and customers will come… I’m sorry to say it but this isn’t the movie Field of Dreams.

When investing in search enging marketing there are basically two main options available to you, SEO and PPC.

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6 Simple, But Effective SEO Tips

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I just got back from Fitness Info Summit, where I was introduced to everyone as the “SEO Ninja”. I was a special guest, and shared my knowledge on SEO with all the attendees. I figured I would share with you The 6 Simple, But Effective SEO Tips I spoke about.

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