The Difference Between Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization


The internet has undoubtably become a gigantic marketplace that you can’t ignore.

Just having a website isnt enough to get your bysiness running and ready to compete, you need a way for people to find your website. Often business owners, think that if they build their website that traffic and customers will come… I’m sorry to say it but this isn’t the movie Field of Dreams.

When investing in search enging marketing there are basically two main options available to you, SEO and PPC.


1. SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Researchers indicate that 60%-70% of internet users use Google to find what their looking for. SEO is the process used to get your website listed among the top search results. SEO will make you more visible, and help you stand out from your competitors. SEO consists of On Page factors that deal with your website, and how its optimized as well as off page factors.

With SEO there is no need for you to pay for clicks, although it will require a budget for your on page and off page optimization. SEo is a long term process, although we can show our clients results in as little as 60 days.

2. PPC

PPC is short for Pay Per Click. PPC Advetising are the sponsored listings that you see in the image above. PPC is built upon a bidding platform, the more you bid the better chance you have to be listed at the top of the results. With PPC advertising you can create your own ads, as well as manage your target audience, and even geographic location.

There are a few different mediums for PPC, which include MSN, Yahoo & Google. We usually advise to start your campaigns with Google first, as they have the largest marketshare.