6 Ways To Improve Your SEO Today!

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In this video I want to share with you 6 easy ways to improve your SEO today.

1. Optimize On Site
Doing these little things on site make A BIG difference to your SERPS.
Make Sure Each Page Is Optimized For 1-3 Keywords, and has a proper keyword density.
Make sure you have a title tag & meta description… And that you don’t have duplicate page titles, and descriptions.

2. Content Is King
Produce Content thats it… Seriously. Just write lots of content related to your marketing.
The website with the best content will win.

3. Be Creative With Your Title Tags & Meta Tags

Understand google lets you put whatever you want there basically. We’ve done test that have resulted in 25% increase in clicks to a page from google, just by having a good title tag and meta description.
Yes seriously. Don’t be lazy.

4. Authorship
Authorship allows for your picture or image to show up next to your search results. This is SUPEr powerful. Catalyst did a case study That amounted to a 150% increase in visits and page views! Just by using Authorship!

5. Social Media Footprint
Do you own a Facebook page, twitter, google+, youtube channel?… Do they link back to your site? Make it easy for google to find you.

6. Make sure you have submitted to all the major local directories and that your citations are accurate and up to date.
You want to ensure your NAP is up to date, and the same across all the directories at all times.
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