Does My Business Need A Mobile Site

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A REALLY big question that I get asked pretty often is do I need a mobile website.

As of 2013 more people use mobile phones that PCs to get online.

So the real question is how is my experience for mobile users, and even tablet users.

Theres really 2 things to look to figure out if you need a mobile site…

The first is to look at is the bounce rate of your site specifically from mobile users.

If people are visiting one page on your site, and leaving then you definitely should look into a mobile site.

The second part of the equation is o look at is how much of your overall traffic is mobile?

In a lot of cases, I think you will be surprised.

For example, when look at a clients analytics who is a locksmith less than 8% of their traffic was from mobile, and the bounce rate was under 10%. Thats great.

However a restaurant may be a very different story.

Using Call Tracking To Better Your Sales Staff

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Not only does it help you determine the success of your marketing campaigns, and what channels or mediums are working bust but theres a few lesser known perks as well.

One of these perks is the ability to listen in on sales staff and other staff that use your company phones.

If you aren’t recording your calls, and training your staff with this knowledge your easily losing 20% of your sales…

Asking For The Sale
Not Knowing Your Services
Objection Handeling
Giving Directions
Listening To Your Prospects