Ontraport Bonus: Get $700 In Value When You Buy Through Me

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So your ready to pickup Ontraport but not sure what the best bonus offer out there is? You’ve come to the right place! We have not just we’ve 1 Awesome Bonus, but 7! Yes, 7. All aimed to ACTUALLY help you!

When your looking for a bonus be sure and do your homework… Who is it that your buying through? Do they REALLY have any idea of how to even use the software??

Our team uses Ontraport to manage a 7 figure training & software biz and we know a thing or 2 about Ontraport….

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase through our affiliate link:

3 Step Abandon Cart System (This Ads 10-20% More Sales To Every Promotion)
Wordpress Templates – easily updatable for multiple products with wordpress’s custom fields
TowerData Integration – With a 2 step checkout you will receive more bad emails this integration ensures you ONLY get good deliverable email addresses
Follow Up Email, SMS & Voice broadcast Templates

Step 1 Of The Checkout

Step 2 Of The Checkout


FullContact Integration Script
Beef up your contact record by adding: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + accounts and more!
*** see the full list here (possibilities are limitless)

WordPress Survey Plugin

Save 45.6% Of Your Opt-outs
Access to a training on how you can save 45.6% of your outp-outs just like we do!

One of the features we loved about ontraport was their Facebook connect integration, however its SEVERELY limited… We’ll thats a thing of the past with DataReach; setup a smart form with any tags, sequences, rules, etc grab the embed code paste it into DataReach and your ready to go!

The Offer We Use To Consistently Double Our Continuity Programs Average Customer Value (ACV)
Yep, its NASTY. 70% of our customers choose this route, we double our ACV and they LOVE us for it… We’ll give you the ins and outs of it all; how we position it, real life case studies of it in use, and more!

Quiz’s – Pass/Fail – Automatically Give Access To New Content Based On Pass
Want to ensure your students are paying attention? Add a quiz to the end of each module, and make them pass it! We’ve dont this VERY successfully and we have a training dedicated to showing you how its done!

Locksmith Leads | Locksmith Pay Per Call – Only Pay for Results

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Are you sick and tired of sharing leads with your competitors?

This is Joe Troyer from web1 syndication.

I want to share with you why shared leads are actually killing your business.

Low Quality Customers – It ends up being a pricing war, because you and 5 or more of your competitors are all getting the same leads… The customer ends up just wanting the the best deal. Is this really the customer you want?

High Prices – I know your thinking the leads arent expensive, they’re cheap. You really need to think in terms of how much money your paying per customer, and not how much your paying for a “lead”. Not all leads are created qual.

My question is, what if there was a better way?

Lets talk about some case studies from just a few of our clients….

Panda/Penguin Checklist (Fix Your Google Rankings)

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If you have gotten slapped by Panda or Penguin, this video is going to be HUGE for you.
Trust me I know what its like to get hit hard, and spend a TON of time researching and finding out what you need to do to recover. Only for it not to work!
In this short video I want to talk to you about a few things that you can do to recover from Panda or Penguin.

1. Add a site map if you don’t have one – if you use WordPress I recommend YOAST
2. Fix Any Broken Links That Are Reported In Google Webmaster Tools
3. Get rid of all Duplicate Content ON Your Site
4. Get rid of any duplicate page titles and meta descriptions
5. Improve Your Load Time – use the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google
6. Create Google Plus profile & authorship
7. Check your linking structure, and make sure you don’t have any abandoned pages. (pages that don’t have links to them)

The New Google Planner – What You Need To Know

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If you’ve tried to use the google keyword tool lately, or today you will be redirected and google will tell you that they replaced the Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner.

In this video I want to share with you what you need to know about the keyword planner.

1. You have to login to a google account to access the Keyword Planner. So its no longer a public tool.
2. You can no longer segment traffic by device… desktop, tablet and mobile. All the data is accumulative. Because of this you will often find that the results are higher than the old keyword tool
3. There is no longer search volume estimates by match type. All there is is exact match… So no more broad and phrase match.
4. Google added a features to see seasonal trends, just by clicking on the graph icon to the right of the keyword.
5. One of my favorite additions is the ability to filter to the city level for the keywords your targeting… this is a BIG deal for Local Search.

Overall theres really no BIG plusses for this change… Google made doing keyword research easier for adwords, and harder for search engine optimization once again.

5 Questions To Ask Citation Builders (Before You Hire Them)

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To rank well in Google Maps (used to be Places, now Google + Local) you need to build out citations. Believe it or not this is a HUGE factor to ranking well!

Before hiring someone to build out citations for you, heres 5 questions I feel are crucial to get answered, before you hire ANY company.

These 5 questions are in no particular order..



1. Do you pick the citations, or do I?

You don’t want to hand-pick every citation that you want to have built, but you will want to ensure that your getting listing on the top citation sites. A lot of citation builders will submit your site to junk citation sites that you have NEVER heard of!


2. Will you send me a spreadsheet with my login info for each site?

If your citation builder says no you need to RUN the other way and find someone else. You need control of your listings!

Continue reading…

Does My Business Need A Mobile Site

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A REALLY big question that I get asked pretty often is do I need a mobile website.

As of 2013 more people use mobile phones that PCs to get online.

So the real question is how is my experience for mobile users, and even tablet users.

Theres really 2 things to look to figure out if you need a mobile site…

The first is to look at is the bounce rate of your site specifically from mobile users.

If people are visiting one page on your site, and leaving then you definitely should look into a mobile site.

The second part of the equation is o look at is how much of your overall traffic is mobile?

In a lot of cases, I think you will be surprised.

For example, when look at a clients analytics who is a locksmith less than 8% of their traffic was from mobile, and the bounce rate was under 10%. Thats great.

However a restaurant may be a very different story.