Youtube TrueView Ads: Only Pay For Interested Viewers

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Just out of Beta Youtube has launched TrueView Video Ads. Users have a choice whether or not continue watching ads, but advertisers  only pay when the user watches 30+ seconds of the ad.

According to the TrueView OneSheet, advertisers are seeing 3-4x higher click through rates that other video ad formats.

There are currently two types of Youtube promoted video ads; “TrueView in-search” and  “TrueView in-display”. Additional targeting options include demographic and geographic filters.

These video ads are going to shift the way people make their videos. Advertisers will need to put all of their “interesting” parts near the beginning in order to entice the viewer to keep watching.

It only makes sense that Google is developing so many new tools/gadgets.. With Youtube reaching 80+ million monthly users, and users are watching 3 billion videos a day – or nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video every day.  YouTube predicts that by 2015, more than half of all online campaigns will include cost-per-view video ads.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to testing out the new TrueView ads!