Using Remarketing To Close Deals

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Have you ever visited a website online, and then later that day or the next noticed that you keep seeing ads over and over again for that site or brand?

Yep, Im sure you have…

That’s remarketing. I’ll explain how it works. When people visit your website you can drop whats called a cookie, and whenever they browse the web, they see ads related your products or services.

Typically remarketin his use for targeting people who visit your website but…. Today I’m gonna share with you a little trick.

If your working on sealing a deal or contract via email, you can use retargeter and perfect audience to do remasrketing with email!

Basically you setup a campaign in either network, and they give you a piece of code to stick in your emails.

The setup for the campaign is simple, the only thing you really need before setting up the campaign is a banner ad. If your not a designer just hop on fiver and get someone to do it for $5.

Lets talk for just a moment about what should be on the banner.

1. Product/Service Benefit
2. Image Of You Or Your Brand Or Logo

The benefit to setting this up the retargeting ads is to keep your company at the front of the prospects mind.