Export Gmail Emails?- Hmmmm

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Today I was doing competitive analysis reading through a competitors auto responder sequence that I signed up for. I already had all of his emails in a Filter but it was taking forever to click on each, and I really wanted to just print all the emails, so I could make notes etc. I wasn’t about to click print 45 times NO THANKS. I found a pretty neat work around, I hope that this can be useful!

  1. Create a label and insert all the emails that you want to export
  2. Install Thunderbird, and setup it up to retrieve mail via IMAP.
  3. Download Import Export Tools, and install into Thunderbird. (Tools => Add Ons =>Install)
  4. Restart Thunderbird.
  5. Now click on the folder you want to export, then navigate to Tools => Import Export Tools => Export all messages in the folder => Plain text format (0ne file). This will create a text file with the headers you want such as From, To, Date, Subject, and of course the body of the message.

I did this for 4 of my top competitors, think I came up with a few good ideas by going through the auto responder campaigns??