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Damage from Flooding
The single worst type of weather disaster is flooding. Estimates indicate that each year billions of dollars in damage result from flooding. Along with causing disaster in the natural environment, floods can also have significant effects on real estate and personal property. Long after the flood waters have finally receded, the damage from flooding can be long-lasting.
One of the most serious problems that can result from flooding water damage that causes structural problems. Water damage can also result in dangers that are not readily visible, including mold. Mold is not only a hazard to your property, but also to your health. Along with damaging property, mold can also result in serious health issues, including respiratory diseases and problems.
This is precisely why it is critical that you contact Boca Raton Restoration Pros. We offer a range of advantages over the competition, including:
Arrival within two hours of initial contact
Fully certified in the removal of mold
Ability to minimize damage to your property