2 Tweaks That Resulted In a 29.14% Decrease In Customer Acquisition Cost


Today while looking over a new Adwords clients campaign we discovered 2 large holes that are often overlooked.  Hopefully you can use these examples and make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes. In this particular case, with 2 simple tweaks we decreased the cost per new customer 29.14%.

1.  Run an Ad Scheduling Report

As you can see between hours 0-5 there were 0 conversions and $1,584.20  in ad spend. That’s purely wasted advertising dollars.


2. Run a Geographic Report

If you look at this besides the United States, no other country has had a conversion. Up until this point $4,584 in ad spend was wasted.

Adwords is very powerful, but if you don’t know what your doing your going to be losing money, PERIOD!