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Mobile Dent Repair Leads | Mobile Dent Repair Pay Per Call – Only Pay for Results

Are you sick and tired of sharing leads with your competitors?
If your interested in more leads, better leads, and exclusive leads in your area so you can finally increase your cash flow get more appointments and grow your business. Call us Today at 561-841-1832


Locksmith Leads | Locksmith Pay Per Call – Only Pay for Results

Are you sick and tired of sharing leads with your competitors?
This is Joe Troyer from web1 syndication.
I want to share with you why shared leads are actually killing your business.
Low Quality Customers – It ends up being a pricing war, because you and 5 or more of your competitors are all getting the same leads… The customer ends up just wanting the the best deal. Is this really the customer you want?
High Prices – I know your thinking the leads arent expensive, they’re cheap. You really need to think in terms of how much money your paying per customer, and not how much your paying for a “lead”. Not all leads are created qual.
My question is, what if there was a better way?
Lets talk about some case studies from just a few of our clients….


Panda/Penguin Checklist (Fix Your Google Rankings)

If you have gotten slapped by Panda or Penguin, this video is going to be HUGE for you.
Trust me I know what its like to get hit hard, and spend a TON of time researching and finding out what you need to do to recover. Only for it not to work!
In this short video I want to talk to you about a few things that you can do to recover from Panda or Penguin.
1. Add a site map if you don’t have one – if you use WordPress I recommend YOAST
2. Fix Any Broken Links That Are Reported In Google Webmaster Tools
3. Get rid of all Duplicate Content ON Your Site
4. Get rid of any duplicate page titles and meta descriptions
5. Improve Your Load Time – use the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google
6. Create Google Plus profile & authorship
7. Check your linking structure, and make sure you don’t have any abandoned pages. (pages that don’t have links to them)


The New Google Planner – What You Need To Know

If you’ve tried to use the google keyword tool lately, or today you will be redirected and google will tell you that they replaced the Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner.

In this video I want to share with you what you need to know about the keyword planner.

1. You have to login to a google account to access the Keyword Planner. So its no longer a public tool.
2. You can no longer segment traffic by device… desktop, tablet and mobile. All the data is accumulative. Because of this you will often find that the results are higher than the old keyword tool
3. There is no longer search volume estimates by match type. All there is is exact match… So no more broad and phrase match.
4. Google added a features to see seasonal trends, just by clicking on the graph icon to the right of the keyword.
5. One of my favorite additions is the ability to filter to the city level for the keywords your targeting… this is a BIG deal for Local Search.

Overall theres really no BIG plusses for this change… Google made doing keyword research easier for adwords, and harder for search engine optimization once again.


5 Questions To Ask Citation Builders (Before You Hire Them)

To rank well in Google Maps (used to be Places, now Google + Local) you need to build out citations. Believe it or not this is a HUGE factor to ranking well!

Before hiring someone to build out citations for you, heres 5 questions I feel are crucial to get answered, before you hire ANY company.

These 5 questions are in no particular order..

1. Do you pick the citations, or do I?

You don’t want to hand-pick every citation that you want to have built, but you will want to ensure that your getting listing on the top citation sites. A lot of citation builders will submit your site to junk citation sites that you have NEVER heard of!

2. Will you send me a spreadsheet with my login info for each site?

If your citation builder says no you need to RUN the other way and find someone else. You need control of your listings!


Does My Business Need A Mobile Site

A REALLY big question that I get asked pretty often is do I need a mobile website.
As of 2013 more people use mobile phones that PCs to get online.
So the real question is how is my experience for mobile users, and even tablet users.
Theres really 2 things to look to figure out if you need a mobile site…
The first is to look at is the bounce rate of your site specifically from mobile users.
If people are visiting one page on your site, and leaving then you definitely should look into a mobile site.
The second part of the equation is o look at is how much of your overall traffic is mobile?
In a lot of cases, I think you will be surprised.
For example, when look at a clients analytics who is a locksmith less than 8% of their traffic was from mobile, and the bounce rate was under 10%. Thats great.
However a restaurant may be a very different story.


6 Ways To Improve Your SEO Today!

In this video I want to share with you 6 easy ways to improve your SEO today.
1. Optimize On Site
Doing these little things on site make A BIG difference to your SERPS.
Make Sure Each Page Is Optimized For 1-3 Keywords, and has a proper keyword density.
Make sure you have a title tag & meta description… And that you don’t have duplicate page titles, and descriptions.
2. Content Is King
Produce Content thats it… Seriously. Just write lots of content related to your marketing.
The website with the best content will win.
3. Be Creative With Your Title Tags & Meta Tags
Understand google lets you put whatever you want there basically. We’ve done test that have resulted in 25% increase in clicks to a page from google, just by having a good title tag and meta description.
Yes seriously. Don’t be lazy.

4. Authorship
Authorship allows for your picture or image to show up next to your search results. This is SUPEr powerful. Catalyst did a case study That amounted to a 150% increase in visits and page views! Just by using Authorship!
5. Social Media Footprint
Do you own a Facebook page, twitter, google+, youtube channel?… Do they link back to your site? Make it easy for google to find you.
6. Make sure you have submitted to all the major local directories and that your citations are accurate and up to date.
You want to ensure your NAP is up to date, and the same across all the directories at all times.
Phone Number


Fake Reviewers Get 0 Starts From New York Attorney General

New York’s attorney general revealed the results of a yearlong investigation into the business of fake reviews. Eric Schneiderman announced last Monday that 19 companies that engaged in the practice will stop and pay fines between $2,500 and $100,000, for a total of more than $350,000 in penalties.
“Operation Clean Turf,” was a year-long investigation into the reputation management industry, the manipulation of consumer-review websites, and the practice of astroturfing, found that companies had flooded the Internet with fake consumer reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google Local, and CitySearch.
The practice of putting up fake positive reviews is called “astroturfing” — the 21st century version of false advertising, which is illegal.
Business obviously have a lot to gain from astroturfing.
A Harvard Business School study from 2011 found that a one-star rating increase on Yelp can translate into a 5 percent to 9 percent revenue growth for a restaurant.
A Cornell study found that one extra star on TripAdvisor is tied to an average of an 11 percent rise in room rates for hotels.
72% of Users Say They Trust Yelp ‘As Much’ as Their Own Friends
The research firm Gartner projects that by 2014, between 10 and 15 percent of online reviews will be fake.
Obviously fake reviews aren’t anything to joke around about, and there have been quite a few incidents in the media the last few months related to online reviews.
Today, I want to leave you with 3 Tips

1. Get Your Customers To Write Reviews – you need a system in place that systematically and automatically gets your customers to visit yelp, google and the other TOP local directories and leave you outstanding reviews. I can tell you first hand I’ve only been asked to leave a review for a business less than 5 times.
2. Fix problems – understand that bad reviews are opportunities… When you get a bad review (and trust me you will) fix the issue, and ask the reviewer if they would post again saying you fixed the issue.
3. Track your brand name and reviews…

* Google Alerts – Service by google will email you when they find new results for your search
* Check out hoot suite to monitor and track mentions of your product or service on Twitter & Facebook
* BookMark Your Profile Page On: Google Plus Local & Yelp at the very least


How Often Should You Post To Facebook

When I speak or training on Social Media, one of the most common questions I get is:
How Often Should I Post To Facebook?
The answer is that there is no right answer.
When people ask this question they are looking the the SECRET formula they can use…
It’s wrong to think there is a set of solid answers to every question…
There is not a time or frequency thats the best to post to Facebook.
You can only test, and measure.


Using Remarketing To Close Deals

Have you ever visited a website online, and then later that day or the next noticed that you keep seeing ads over and over again for that site or brand?
Yep, Im sure you have…
That’s remarketing. I’ll explain how it works. When people visit your website you can drop whats called a cookie, and whenever they browse the web, they see ads related your products or services.

Typically remarketin his use for targeting people who visit your website but…. Today I’m gonna share with you a little trick.

If your working on sealing a deal or contract via email, you can use retargeter and perfect audience to do remasrketing with email!
Basically you setup a campaign in either network, and they give you a piece of code to stick in your emails.
The setup for the campaign is simple, the only thing you really need before setting up the campaign is a banner ad. If your not a designer just hop on fiver and get someone to do it for $5.
Lets talk for just a moment about what should be on the banner.
1. Product/Service Benefit
2. Image Of You Or Your Brand Or Logo
The benefit to setting this up the retargeting ads is to keep your company at the front of the prospects mind.


72% of Users Trust Yelp ‘As Much’ as Their Own Friends

72% of Users Say They Trust Yelp ‘As Much’ as Their Own Friends
A new study published on WebProNews shows that consumers that use Yelp believe that Yelp reviews are VERY valuable. In fact, 73% of respondents say they trust Yelp reviews as much as their own friends.
This is mind boggling….

Online reviews are VERY quickly growing in importance and power.

And there has been a HUGE shift in the marketplace.
For years businesses have believed that referrals are the BEST customers. Friends referring friends is the best.
So Is Yelp the best now? With 73% of respondents say they trust Yelp reviews as much as their own friends.
Every business needs to manage and MARKET their online reviews PROACTIVELY.
I want to leave you today with 4 takeaways.
1. Get Your Customers To Write Reviews – you need a system in place that systematically and automatically gets your customers to visit yelp, google and the other TOP local directories and leave you outstanding reviews. I can tell you first hand I’ve only been asked to leave a review for a business less than 5 times.
2. Fix problems – understand that bad reviews are opportunities… When you get a bad review (and trust me you will) fix the issue, and ask the reviewer if they would post again saying you fixed the issue.
3. Track your brand name and reviews…

* Google Alerts – Service by google will email you when they find new results for your search
* Check out hoot suite to monitor and track mentions of your product or service on Twitter & Facebook
* BookMark Your Profile Page On: Google Plus Local & Yelp at the very least


Using Call Tracking To Better Your Sales Staff

Not only does it help you determine the success of your marketing campaigns, and what channels or mediums are working bust but theres a few lesser known perks as well.

One of these perks is the ability to listen in on sales staff and other staff that use your company phones.
If you aren’t recording your calls, and training your staff with this knowledge your easily losing 20% of your sales…

Asking For The Sale
Not Knowing Your Services
Objection Handeling
Giving Directions
Listening To Your Prospects


Dentist Leads | Dentist Pay Per Call – Only Pay for Results

Are you a dentist looking to grow your practice, but aren’t sure where to turn?
I want to offer you a risk free way to get more appointments, and more butts in the seat starting next week. If your interested please call us at: 561-841-1832
Our marketing program specifically built for dentists, is VERY different than anything you have ever seen.
First you only pay for RESULTS!
Sencond, your going to end up spending a minimum of 66% less than you are now to bring in a new patient.
and 3rd we have scheduled over 2000 appointments for clients in our exclusive network.
Call us today, before your competitor does.
Again the number is 561-841-1832
Let me leave you with this…
I want you to ask yourself…
What would happen to your business if you brought in an additional 2 patients each, and every day? Thats 60 new patients a month….


My Must Have Mac Apps

Here are the apps I mention in the video:

Skitch or Google Chrome Screenshot
Show how to turn Mac on at specific times
My Speed – by enounce
Clarify It
My Little Pomodoro


5 Outsourcing Tips You Can Use In Your Business Today



Boca Raton Flood Extraction (561) 922-9753

Boca Raton Water, Fire & Flood Damage Experts
Damage from Flooding
The single worst type of weather disaster is flooding. Estimates indicate that each year billions of dollars in damage result from flooding. Along with causing disaster in the natural environment, floods can also have significant effects on real estate and personal property. Long after the flood waters have finally receded, the damage from flooding can be long-lasting.
One of the most serious problems that can result from flooding water damage that causes structural problems. Water damage can also result in dangers that are not readily visible, including mold. Mold is not only a hazard to your property, but also to your health. Along with damaging property, mold can also result in serious health issues, including respiratory diseases and problems.
This is precisely why it is critical that you contact Boca Raton Restoration Pros. We offer a range of advantages over the competition, including:
Arrival within two hours of initial contact
Fully certified in the removal of mold
Ability to minimize damage to your property


Starbucks announces they will support Square Wallet

My favorite coffee joint, Starbucks has just announced that early next month we will be able to pay with the Square Wallet. As if this weren’t cool enough; starting in August of 2013, we will be able to digitally tip the servers with a mobile app and Square Wallet. I don’t know about you – but who carries petty cash or coins on them these days? So this makes it super easy to pay for coffee and tip the service too!


Youtube TrueView Ads: Only Pay For Interested Viewers

Just out of Beta Youtube has launched TrueView Video Ads. Users have a choice whether or not continue watching ads, but advertisers  only pay when the user watches 30+ seconds of the ad.
According to the TrueView OneSheet, advertisers are seeing 3-4x higher click through rates that other video ad formats.
There are currently two types of Youtube promoted video ads; “TrueView in-search” and  “TrueView in-display”. Additional targeting options include demographic and geographic filters.
These video ads are going to shift the way people make their videos. Advertisers will need to put all of their “interesting” parts near the beginning in order to entice the viewer to keep watching.


Fast Free Adwords Account Audit

The guys over at Wordstream have created a new piece of software that analyzes your Adwords account and scores it. Ever wonder how your account stacks up against others?
Your free AdWords performance report includes:

Fast and free expert analysis of your account performance
Actionable tips for improving your AdWords campaigns
Feedback on your performance in eight key areas of PPC
Comparative scores that measure you against similar advertisers


Online Reviews Killing Your Business?

Came across some crucial research data about reviews.

50% of U.S. consumers are more likely to use a local business after reading positive online reviews
64% of consumers search for online reviews before making purchase decisions
85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product/service when they can find recommendations online
87% of consumers say positive reviews online have reinforced their decision to purchase a product or service recommended to them
80% of consumers say negative reviews online have made them change their mind about purchasing a product or service

Take a look at this great looking InfoGraphic as well!


How Does The Google Adwords Auction Work?

An associate emailed me this recently, and I had to share it with you.
Ever wondered how Google determines your ad position?
The infographic below shows how the bidding auction works, including Ad Rank, Cost Per Click, and how your Quality Score can influence your position. This is by far the easiest explanation I have ever came across.


Use Landing Pages for Higher Conversions & Lower Cost-Per-Click

Using landing pages for your PPC campaigns can result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-click. Your goal is to create a close relationship between the ad and the content of your landing page.

This is called Message Match which will reduce your bounce rate while achieving a higher Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Ultimately lowering your CPC, and getting you a better position in Adwords while paying less.


Need Professional Promo Videos?

I have had numerous people in the last week ask me for input on where to buy promo videos for sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.


2 Tweaks That Resulted In a 29.14% Decrease In Customer Acquisition Cost

Today while looking over a new Adwords clients campaign we discovered 2 large holes that are often overlooked.  Hopefully you can use these examples and make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes. In this particular case, with 2 simple tweaks we decreased the cost per new customer 29.14%.


Export Gmail Emails?- Hmmmm

Today I was doing competitive analysis reading through a competitors auto responder sequence that I signed up for. I already had all of his emails in a Filter but it was taking forever to click on each, and I really wanted to just print all the emails, so I could make notes etc. I wasn’t about to click print 45 times NO THANKS. I found a pretty neat work around, I hope that this can be useful!


The Marketing Show With Clay Collins

I met Clay Collins a few years ago, at an Internet Marketing event in Atlanta. Clay is a very bright guy, and has a very cool perspective on things. I found out today that he has a new weekly show, here. I would definitely recommend checking him out!
Who Is Clay Collins?
Clay Collins is one of the top internet marketers in the world. Now in his 30s, Clay left home at age 15 to start his first software company and has been practicing entrepreneurship, off and on, ever since. He’s has been behind the scenes (advising and writing copy) for some of the most important and highest grossing information marketing campaigns on the internet.


Learn to Write Better Sales Copy In a Few Minutes A Day

I dont know about you, but writing sales copy is definitely not a strength for me. I’ve heard many times from copywriting experts that by reading a sales letter every day, you can greatly improve your communication skills. Check out Rich Schefren’s video below for a nice little twist..


Google Now Allows Blocking Websites In Search Results

Google has announced a Chrome extension that enables the ability to block sites, called Personal Blocklist. Google has admitted to using the blocking feature in their ranking algorithm. If you and thousands other block a certain site, it may raise a “Flag” to google and they could potentially use that as a ranking factor.
To use this new Google Feature you will need to download the plugin for Google Chrome here.


Google Farmer/Panda Update Affected 40% of Sites

The results are in! Seo Roundtable did a survey roughly a week after the Google Farmer/Panda update.
See there results below:
40% said Less Google Traffic (Negative Impact) (128)
25% said Same Google Traffic (No Impact) (80)
18% said More Google Traffic (Positive Impact) (56)
14% said Don’t Know Yet (44)
1.6% said an Other answer… (5)


Ultra Music Festival 2011 Sold OUT!!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the Web1 Social Media team for helping sell out Ultra Music Festival 2011. In case you didn’t know Ultra is a HUUGGEE Electronic Music Festival that takes place in Miami every year.


YSLOW! Page Speed Now For Chrome

YSLOW! is now available for Google Chrome. YSLOW!  helps webmasters identify ways to speed up there website loading time.
I HIGHLY recommend YSLOW! Download YSLOW for Google Chrome.


Would You Like a 60% Increase In Organic Traffic?

Today I was running reports for a few of my clients, and ran across this. I have been working with the client for roughly 2 months.


Why You Have to Be #1 In Google

In August 2006 AOL leaked some data to the public, and within this data contains the click through rates from the search engine listings. As you can see below the #1 result for any given query gets approximately 47% of the click throughs, where as #2 gets 34% less traffic.
#1 – 47% click-through
#2 – 13% click-through
#3 – 9%click-through
#4 – 7% click-through
Being number 1 for all your keywords that bring your revenue is very important, make sure your on top of your SEO!


The Difference Between Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization

The internet has undoubtably become a gigantic marketplace that you can’t ignore.
Just having a website isnt enough to get your bysiness running and ready to compete, you need a way for people to find your website. Often business owners, think that if they build their website that traffic and customers will come… I’m sorry to say it but this isn’t the movie Field of Dreams.
When investing in search enging marketing there are basically two main options available to you, SEO and PPC.


6 Simple, But Effective SEO Tips

I just got back from Fitness Info Summit, where I was introduced to everyone as the “SEO Ninja”. I was a special guest, and shared my knowledge on SEO with all the attendees. I figured I would share with you The 6 Simple, But Effective SEO Tips I spoke about.